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So I'm progression well with my 8 week program which consist of snatches,

Video is not supported in your browserSo I'm progression well with my 8 week program which consist of snatches, double arm swings and single arm swings However, there's always room for technical improvement, to simply cut out wasted energy. I'm very quad dominant, which means that my quads often end up doing alot of the work in exercises when in reality other parts of my body should be actively engaged. In the long run this leads to imbalances, as I am now realising while taking up cycling. Glute activation and use is a very important part of the KB swing (as highlighted by sciaccia in her video on the KB swing, worth checking out). However, it's something's very overlooked as part of my training regime because growing up it was seen as a 'feminine' exercise which over the years has translated into me ignoring that whole part of my body while doing tons of workouts WHICH require glute activation and use! (thanks patriarchy!) .. . Nevertheless, it's never too late to admit a wrong and start working on making things better by educating yourself! . . Here's a little warm up I do to actively check if my glutes are engaged before I start my KB swings. A simple touch of the butt helps me see if I'm engaging all the essential parts - . . quad - core - glutes . Thought I'd share my little revelation with you and see what other techniques people use to see if their glutes are engaged with KB's? * This article was originally published here

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