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This superset will hit your trunk from both sides, build...

This superset will hit your trunk from both sides, build stability as well as balance. Swipe up on the same demo in our IG story to watch the full three minute demo by !

The staggered deadlift allows for the focus to be on one leg while allowing for enough balance to perform the movement with intention. This will build posterior, shoulder, grip and trunk strength. While holding on to the bell stagger your stance putting most of the pressure on one leg. Elevate the heel of your non-working leg to use as a kickstand to increase balance. Utilize the same mechanics as you would for a deadlift. Drive your hips back without locking the dominant knee, maintain a slightly extended spine and neutral neck. Breathe through the tension as you perform the movement.

The alternating bird dog brings the focus to your front line to balance out the deadlift. By focusing on your connection to the ground as well as linking your breath to each transition you’ll get so much more stability and awareness from this seemingly simple movement. From the quadruped position drive equally into all four points. As you elevate one arm simultaneously elevate the opposite leg while maintaining a flat back. Alternate sides. : @kettlebellexercises

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